An Open Letter to all Australians

An Open Letter to all Australians

Dear People of Australia,

Working together to keep you well


Things are tough at the moment, but in Australia we can be proud of the dedication and resilience of our community, as well as the amazing work of our health services, as we continue doing all that we can to keep each other safe.

The Continuity of Care Collaboration wants to remind everybody that while COVID-19 is taking centre stage, it’s important not to neglect other areas of your health.

Some health services have changed how they operate during COVID-19 restrictions, but if you have a healthcare appointment coming up or have new symptoms you are worried about, it’s important not to delay getting help.

Telehealth has enabled some appointments to happen online, but some things still need to be done face to face, such as scans and pathology tests.

If you are unsure about how to get the care you need, talk to your healthcare provider to find out the best option.

The Continuity of Care Collaboration is encouraging everyone in Australia to look after themselves and those they care about. Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 when you’re eligible and getting a test if you have COVID-19 symptoms are vital, but during lockdown you are also permitted to leave home for other health needs.

We also want to remind everyone that there are COVID-safe measures in place to continue to keep you safe.

Telehealth is now widely available so you can access your healthcare professional through video chat or phone calls. Pharmacies are still open with pharmacists ready to provide advice as well as the medicines you need, and home delivery of medication can also be arranged. Clinics and hospitals are continuing to practise safe distancing measures, regular cleaning and wearing of personal protective equipment.

Your health matters, so please do not delay; get in touch, make that call, or book an appointment today. Let’s work together to keep you well.

Signed by:

Continuity of Care Collaboration Members 

Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation, Diabetes Australia, The Heart Foundation, Royal Australian College of General Practice, National Rural Health Alliance, Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association, Australian Diabetes Society, Consumers Health Forum, Allied Health Professions Australia, Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine, Medicines Australia, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, Australian Diabetes Educators Association, Australian Cardiovascular Alliance, Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia, The Pharmacy Guild, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Patient Voice Initiative, Australian Patients Association, Jean Hailes Foundation, Medical Technology Association of Australia, Pathology Technology Australia, Pathology Awareness Australia


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