CerFIX2035 was created with a big ambition in mind – to see Australia become the first country to officially eliminate cervical cancer by 2035. With eradication within reach, it is more important than ever to focus on educating and empowering women about their cervical health.

The launch of the campaign came after research conducted by ACCF revealed the true extent of the drivers and barriers which can deter Australian women from undertaking the all-important Cervical Screening Test (CST) – previously known as the Pap or smear test.

Alarmingly the results showed that over a quarter of Aussie women were reluctant about making appointments due to embarrassment, while a third put it off citing awkwardness as a factor.

The research also revealed that there is a deeper, more fundamental lack of education regarding cervical health which means women are not getting tested and remain ill-informed of the associated risks. For example, almost three quarters of all women think that the CST tests directly for cervical cancer and about a third believe that it tests for ovarian cancer, despite the fact that the CST tests for human papillomavirus (also known as HPV) – a common infection that can cause cervical cell changes that may lead to cervical cancer.

Dr Ginni Mansberg, General Practitioner and television presenter, believes that we all need to take collective steps to create better awareness around cervical health and ensure we as a nation continue to lead the way on cervical cancer:

“It’s important we continue to talk about screening and the value it provides to enable us to normalise the conversation, debunk common myths and most importantly, to encourage each other to attend. It is perfectly normal to feel uncomfortable – over 40% of women tell us it is – that’s why it’s important to talk to family and friends who have been through it, to better-understand what to expect,” Dr Mansberg says,

“Better still, your healthcare provider is also there to help you through the process so don’t be afraid to speak up.”

CervFIX2035 aims to address the screening barriers women are currently facing and improve the cervical health of nation.

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