ACCF would like to thank our lovely celebrity ambassadors who do a wonderful job of helping us to promote cervical cancer awareness and prevention.

Dr Jana Pittman

A two-times world and four times Commonwealth champion in athletics, Jana was the first woman to represent Australia in both summer and winter Olympic Games. She has recently graduated a Bachelor of Medicine and hopes to specialise in gynaecology and follow her passion for improving women’s health.

“It is with great pleasure I get to join the ACCF team. I have been passionate about women’s health for many years and in particular raising awareness and reducing the rates of cervical cancer. I myself had CIN 3 dysplasia before the birth of my daughter. It was scary but I was incredibly well cared for. With the great screening and prevention programs here in Australia, we can make a huge impact on the disease, simply with empowering women with knowledge. I love that ACCF also targets countries who don’t have the same programs we have, investing time and resources into reducing the global problem of cervical cancer.”
– Jana

Mitch Barnett –

Mitch Barnett is a National Rugby League Player for the Newcastle Knights. He hails from Wingham on the mid north coast of NSW. He is a two time Danny Buderus medal winner as the Knights’ Player of the Year in 2017 and 2019.

Mitch was touched by cervical cancer when a close relative was diagnosed with the disease and lost her battle with it in 2019. Through that experience, Mitch became aware how preventable the disease is and wants to use his profile to help educate as many people as possible to aid prevention.

Sarah Maree Cameron –

A successful radio host and cervical cancer survivor, Sarah Maree has been an ACCF ambassador since 2012. She currently hosts the breakfast show on Triple M Melbourne and has previously shared her journey through cervical cancer on  The Faces of Cervical Cancer.

Lisa Lockland-Bell

Lisa Lockland-Bell is a keynote speaker, communication expert and cervical cancer survivor. With over 30 years’ international experience training, performing and presenting, she uses her skills and experience with cancer to help people unlock the potential that lies within the human voice. You can read about her enthusiasm for life and passion for raising awareness about cervical cancer here.

Lisa Lockland-Bell

“It just made sense to become associated with an organisation such as The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF) who say and think a lot of what I believe about women’s health. I absolutely believe that awareness and education are the two greatest defences to this hideous disease.”
– Lisa