"Although I haven't had another child, I am so blessed"

“Although I haven’t had another child, I am so blessed”

Mareka was diagnosed with cervical cancer when she was 30-years-old and her son, Harry, had just turned two.

Mareka explains that due to her diagnosis and the stage of her cancer, she was given the option of a radical trachelectomy, which involves the removal of the cervix.

“I am now 36 and sadly have been unsuccessful in falling pregnant again since my operation.” Mareka shares.

“However I am so blessed to have my beautiful son, who is now eight and the light of my life. My son would have loved to have a brother or a sister, but I remind him often, how lucky he is to have two healthy parents.”

After battling cervical cancer, Mareka says she has made it a priority to remind her sisters and niece about the importance of HPV vaccination and regular Pap tests.

“I would hate for them to miss out on the opportunity of motherhood when there are options to prevent this cancer.”

Mareka was lucky to have the support of her amazing friends and family throughout her procedure and treatment, which allowed her to stay strong and focussed.

When asked what her advice to other mothers battling cervical cancer would be, she said this.

“Look at your children and remember that for every painful operation or embarrassing and invasive procedure you are doing this so you can watch them grow up and become amazing people.

This Mother’s Day, celebrate the strength of amazing mums like Mareka with us.

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