5 reasons why you should join the Vietnam Challenge

5 reasons why you should join the Vietnam Challenge

Experience Vietnam with ACCF and join us for the trip of a lifetime! Travelling to Vietnam with ACCF offers a unique opportunity to explore this beautiful country whilst giving back to the local community. During our trip, we will visit a cervical screening clinic at a Vietnamese commune and see the difference that free health screening makes to Vietnamese women. Most importantly – the funds you raise as part of your participation will screen and treat 75 Vietnamese women for cervical abnormalities and cervical cancer. Join the Vietnam Challenge here.

Still deciding? Here are 5 reasons any lover of travel wouldn’t be able to resist.

  1. Captivating Scenery and Breathtaking Views

The sprawling country will take your breath away with its picturesque views. Vietnam boasts rice terraces and scenic mountains in the north, and golden beaches in the south. A two hour drive from Hanoi is Ninh Binh, famous for its limestone karst scenery. We’ll be exploring this little city at handlebar level.  Experiencing Halong Bay is a must-do. Cruising around 2000 little islands surrounded by turquoise waters is truly a compelling experience.

  1. Vietnamese Cuisine

Mouth-watering, cheap and said to be the healthiest in the world. Set your taste buds alight with Báhn mì; traditional pho soups made with the freshest of herbs, as well as traditional spring rolls, and endless rice dishes – Vietnamese cuisine is reason enough to travel to Vietnam.

  1. Historic Vietnam

Vietnam has a long and rich history. Travelling around Vietnam you’ll find traces of the country’s facinating past. Chinese inspired temples, architecture that testifies to the French colonial times and memorials from the Vietnam War. It is an eye-opening experience and an important reminder of the country’s history.

  1. Lively Street Life in Hanoi

While in Vietnam we’ll visit the bustling capital of Hanoi. The influence of colonial times is obvious with its special French character, architecture, and French-inspired baked goods. Become happily lost in a myriad of restaurants, bars, shops, and museums in between the swarms of scooters.

  1.   The People

Vietnamese people are friendly and open. Strolling around the streets you’ll find the Vietnamese locals are smiling, curious, and happy to help you find the way to the best restaurant in town.You can be a part of this trip by registering here.