Be bold, save women's lives

Be bold, save women’s lives

For women in Australia, cervical screening is seen as a part of being a woman. But imagine if it wasn’t?

If one day you woke up with abdominal pain, unable to get out of bed and support your family, and had no idea.

For countless women across the globe, this is a reality.

This International Women’s Day, ACCF is driving positive change through bold actions and working to protect women from cervical cancer – but we can’t do it alone.

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Pema*, a 47-year-old woman from Punhaka, Bhutan, understands all too well the devastating impact cervical cancer can have on women when cervical cell abnormalities are not detected in time.

Whenever I help bring family members to the gynaecologist, someone has cervical cancer. I have two aunts and a mother-in-law with cervical cancer.”

But thanks to programs which have been initiated by ACCF, Pema no longer fears this devastating disease.

My daughter had the HPV vaccination at age 12 and I feel satisfied that she will not get cervical cancer at a later age, like so many of my family members.”

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In countries where we work, such as Bhutan, cervical cancer is the biggest cancer killer among women.

ACCF is transforming the lives of women and girls for the better by providing cervical screening and vaccination programs to women and girls across the world.

However, without long-term funding our vaccination, screening and treatment programs, like the one that Pema’s daughter participated in, will be unable to continue.

Your generous monthly gift to ACCF’s work can make a profound difference in the lives of women internationally.

This International Women’s Day, be bold for change and sign up to make regular, sustainable gifts to protect women’s health around the world.

* Name changed for privacy purposes