Cervical cancer and motherhood

Cervical cancer and motherhood

“Being a mum is all I ever wanted, and I had started to think it would never happen”

For many women, becoming a mother is something they’ve waited their whole life for. It’s often equally as exciting as it is scary.

Katherine’s stage 1B cervical cancer was diagnosed as she was preparing to undergo IVF treatment. After a radical tracheletomy (removal of the cervix) in order to stop the cancer spreading, Katherine fell pregnant.

Due to the trachelectomy, Katherine explains, “My eventual pregnancy was highly risky.” However, at 33 weeks Katherine welcomed her miracle baby Elliott into the world.

Katherine explains, “cervical cancer and motherhood are very closely linked for me, cancer taught me what was important, and that you do need to grasp every moment.”

“Having said that – it has made me be more careful with my health as I see how much my son needs me, and that I owe it to him to do all I can to be around for him,” she added.

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the strength of our mothers whose lives have been changed by cervical cancer.

Katherine is just one of these mothers.

“I feel incredibly lucky to have had a baby, and to be healthy, so I thank my lucky stars every time I hug him. Happy Mother’s Day.”

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