Cervical Health Info Line

Cervical Health Info Line

The information below relates to information about cervical health. To contact ACCF directly for other matters, please contact us.

ACCF is pleased to partner with Women’s Health Queensland to deliver the Cervical Health Information Line. This is an initiative of ACCF’s CerviCAN Support Program which assists and supports women and their families with advice and information related to cervical health matters such as cervical cancer and cervical screening.

The line operates from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

The cervical health information line is a confidential service staffed by registered nurses and midwives that can answer any questions about cervical screening, including:

– What happens during a Cervical Screening Test?

– What types of Cervical Screening Tests are there?

– Is cervical screening required after a hysterectomy?

– First cervical screen – how to prepare and what to expect

– Is routine cervical screening safe during pregnancy?

– Do I need to have a Cervical Screening Test if I’ve been immunised against HPV?

– Cervical screening after menopause

– Discussing the changes to cervical screening

If you have any questions about cervical screening or cervical cancer and would like to speak with a registered nurse please contact the cervical health information line TODAY! Or, if you would prefer to be contacted via email, you can fill out this form instead.