A climb for cervical cancer

A climb for cervical cancer

Angela was diagnosed with cervical cancer in January 2016 and told us that if she didn’t have a pap test, she would never have known that she had cancer. “It saved my life and I wanted to raise money for an organization that resonates with me, and I could think of no greater cause.”

Through her project ‘Climb for Cervical Cancer’, Angela is raising awareness about cervical cancer and the importance of pap tests to her friends and family all while taking on an astounding physical challenge also. She is currently attempting to climb the ‘seven summits’ – the highest point on each of the seven continents. So far she has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kosciuszko, and is currently preparing to take on Mt. Aconcagua in 2018 as a training expedition for Mt. Everest.

Angela Langdon Rock Climbing

While this is not her first time on a mountain, the climb up Mt. Aconcagua is Angela’s first time fundraising for a charity and what’s surprised her the most is how everyone expresses their good wishes through monetary means. As part of her fundraising efforts she is hosting a rock climbing event in the coming weeks to help boost support for her cause, but she has already received $420 of support from her friends and family by simply sending them an email! Show your support for Angela!

In case you’re contemplating heading up a mountain, the two most necessary aspects to preparing for a climb are mental and physical training, according to Angela. In addition to her intense training regime, she also undertakes rock climbing on a daily basis to maintain and improve her rope skills.  However, like most people the hardest part of preparing for a climb is balancing training and work commitments.

Angela Langdon Altitude Training

“Like a lot of women, it’s something that seems to always prove difficult, but making the time (…) is really important. It’s a matter of prioritising what is important in the pursuit of achieving your goals.”

After being touched by cervical cancer herself, Angela isn’t just motivated by reach the top Mt Aconcagua, she’s also keen to tackle another big mountain, getting her girlfriends booked in for a Pap test!

If you’d like to learn more about Angela’s journey towards the summit of Mt Aconcagua, follow her journey via her Facebook page.

Donate to Angela’s fundraising efforts here.