Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving

You can support the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation by participating in a workplace giving program.

It’s an easy way to give back to the community and support ACCF. We receive no government funding so every dollar helps us deliver life-saving programs.

For Employees:

It’s so easy to organise a before-tax donation to ACCF.

You’ll need to find out if your workplace already has a workplace giving program. If not, it is very easy for your employers to set one up.

Fill in our workplace giving form as your payroll office will need some information to commence regular deductions and give to your payroll office).

Your donation is done automatically by your payroll office, and it is a tax-effective way to support ACCF’s work. The amount you give is up to you.

If your workplace does not participate in workplace giving, you can donate to ACCF directly.

For Employers:

WPG is an effective way of engaging with your employees to make a positive contribution to their nominated charity. Staff feel empowered as you allow them to choose the charity & amount they give from their pre-tax income.

Your company may want to consider matching an employees dollar for dollar contribution.

To give to ACCF through your WPG program please fill out our workplace giving form.

Collectively – your staff can make a real difference in the world by supporting ACCF’s projects.

For more information about Workplace Giving please go to:

ATO website