Real Life Challenge

Real Life Challenge

ACCF established an adventure challenge program for schools in partnership with travel partners, World Expeditions, in October 2009. Our first ‘Real Life Challenge’ group went to Nepal, with students seeing first hand the lifesaving work ACCF does in schools and clinics in the Kathmandu valley. Since then we have also taken school groups to the Kingdom of Bhutan, Northern Territory Larapinta Trail and Kiribati.

The Real Life Challenge

The program is life-changing and designed to facilitate teamwork, planning and leadership skills. The Real Life Challenge is about fostering positive, capable young people, who are potential leaders of the future, as well as building lifelong friendships and networks. The students will undertake a travel adventure, experiencing the wonder of a different culture, while enjoying giving hands-on assistance to ACCF’s aid programs. Seeing how things operate firsthand in developing countries gives them the unique opportunity to truly make a difference by helping to save lives and fostering global goodwill.

Schools GroupThe ACCF Real Life Challenge involves three key tasks:

1. Fundraising to a specific dollar goal.
2. Participating in a real ACCF project; seeing how ACCF gets the HPV vaccine to schoolgirls just like them, in a developing country. They experience a unique local culture, undertake a planned trek and assist ACCF’s mission to eliminate cervical cancer globally.
3. Producing a documentary record highlighting their learnings and experiences that they then present to their school community.

To learn more about ACCF’s Real Life Challenge program download our brochure here, email us at, or call 1300 727 630.

Project Nepal – October, 2009

ACCF took their first group of 12 high school students and 2 teachers from Somerville House on a 12 day Real Life Challenge. The students spent time getting fit before they travelled as the trip included 4 days trekking as well as a volunteer component, observing and assisting at ACCF’s Cervical Cancer Screening Clinics. They met girls their own age who received the lifesaving vaccination and learned from them the real impact that ACCF’s vaccination program is having on their lives.

Project Bhutan – September 2011

Somerville House took on their next Challenge, with 17 students taking part. They travelled to the Kingdom of Bhutan where the Queen Grandmother takes a personal interest in the health and wellbeing of all Bhutanese girls. The students raised awareness and funds that helped ACCF to provide free cervical cancer vaccinations to Bhutanese girls. The students learnt firsthand how important it is for girls to be protected against cervical cancer, especially in a developing country where cervical cancer is a major cause of cancer-related death for local women.

Trekking for Change – Larapinta – June 2012

Students from Loreto College stepped out of their comfort zone and joined ACCF on its first Challenge to the Northern Territory. The students spent their time climbing mountains, traversing gullies and trekking through some of the most challenging routes in Australia. They met women and girls from remote communities and forged friendships that will last a lifetime. They raised funds that have supported ACCF’s Australian programs, supporting an Indigenous women’s health clinic in Alice Springs.


“Through their involvement with ACCF’s Real Life Challenge, our girls have been given a unique opportunity to experience life changing and life- long lessons. Participation in this project has been an investment for their future.” – Ann, Teacher

“Since participating in ACCF’s schools’ program we now understand about how much we take for granted in Australia when it comes to simple things like having injections, which we all hate, but are so lucky to receive.” Annabelle & Grace, Students

“It’s been an amazing experience and one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. It was very challenging but knowing that I’ve overcome those challenges is a really exciting prospect. It’s been a really incredible experience and I’m so glad I got to do it.” – Larissa, Student

“ACCF’s Real Life Challenge was a very unique experience, absolutely wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to come along on the trip. Everyone gelled so well together and they were so motivated. I couldn’t ask for a better first trip to the Larapinta, and I look forward to doing it again. We can help to close the gap by creating awareness and promoting the facts about cervical cancer. We have a very lucky country here and we need to ensure that every female has the opportunity to be aware of what can be done to help them.” Diane, Teacher