Orange Army Giving Day 2022

Orange Army Giving Day 2022

Orange Army Giving Day – Wed, 8th June, 2022

Recently Australians have faced many challenges in our ever-changing, unpredictable world. We understand that because of this, things like cervical health can slip onto the back burner. However, we want to make sure that people continue to take life-saving steps, such as HPV vaccination and regular screenings, to create a future that is cervical cancer-free.

Our 2021 Giving Day was a great success – over $100,000 was donated to help eliminate cervical cancer. These funds allowed us to continue our support and education programs, and helped spread awareness about HPV and cervical cancer across the country.

Every donation made on the day during our Giving Day campaign will be doubled!  Yes, that’s right, each donation is doubled by our generous Matched Donors.  So your $50 becomes $100, $250 becomes $500.  No gift is to small OR too big.

ACCF understands that living close to the city dramatically increases your access to healthcare and support – but we want to change this in a small but important way. To do this, we want to spread our message to as many corners of the country as possible.

Funds raised on this year’s Giving Day will enable ACCF to continue its life-saving work.  We hope to raise enough to continue and grow our rural road trips  to distribute resources, education programs and support rural and remote communities.  Our ‘Test in the West’ program earlier this year in NSW made sure we helped remote women to get tested and learn how they can prevent cervical cancer.

In the coming years, we hope to grow this program throughout the country.

Every HPV vaccination, cervical screening and conversation about cervical cancer leads us closer to a future where no one loses a loved one to this terrible disease. Help us win the fight. Help bring our Orange Army to every community battling cervical cancer.

Live near Brisbane? Volunteer on the day.

If you are based in South East Queensland please consider giving some time. To help reach our goal, volunteers will be calling our generous community of supporters to ask for their support on this day.

All shift times allow for 15 minutes of training prior to the commencement of calls.

If you can, please spare the time to come and volunteer on Wednesday 8th June, register here  and click on the ‘volunteer registration’ button, fill in all your details your preferred shift time.  If you have any questions, please email or call us on 1300 727 630.

Time is of the essence – please sign up by Friday 27th May so that we can give you all you need to know before the big day. Your contribution of your time is very greatly appreciated and will help us tremendously with reaching our goal of elimination of cervical cancer.

Live Remote? Become an Orange Army Remote Hero.

If you can’t make it to our Brisbane Headquarters on Orange Army Giving day, you can still help us spread our education programs to regional Queensland – in as little as 15 minutes. Being an Orange Army Remote Hero is as simple as calling a few close friends and family and asking them to donate!

Just go to our Giving Day website to create a team and get started.  Click here.

Hold a fundraising event.

Holding a fundraising event is a fun and creative way to raise money to spread our education programs to regional communities. Whether it’s a bake sale at a local school, a morning tea with some close friends, or simply sharing your fundraising link on Facebook, your fundraiser will help tremendously in reaching our goal.

Being a Giving Day fundraiser means you’ll have your very own online fundraising page and link, where you can share a little about why you are fundraising and set how much you want to raise. It’s always fantastic to see the amazing ways people fundraise for ACCF. No matter how you chose to fundraise, remember to keep it simple, have fun, raise funds as well as awareness about the need to keep up to date with cervical screening. If you are having an event, invite people you feel will support you in your fundraising. Remember every dollar counts for The Orange Army Giving Day.

If you’d like to host a fundraiser in the lead up to our Giving Day, please fill out the form below and we’ll help you out with setting up your fundraising page!

Host a Fundraiser


Donate Now.

You can simply click here and make a donation directly to our page – every dollar helps us reach more regional communities.

Click here to make a donation.