Brooke's Top 5 Tips For Your Adventure Challenge

Brooke’s Top 5 Tips For Your Adventure Challenge

If you are looking for something to instill you with a sense of adventure, then look no further than busy mother of two, Brooke! A regular donor to ACCF, Brooke won a life-changing trip to Bhutan in 2014, and she’s here to tell you what you’re missing out on!

Bhutan“My highlight from the trip was going to see a class of 20-30 girls around the age of 12 – vaccination age. They’d just received their last HPV vaccination round, and had some questions,” says Brooke. “I was expecting questions about Australia, and about my life, but these young preteens were more interested in how the vaccine worked, and why their mothers and aunties couldn’t receive the same treatment.”

Bhutan dress“They all said they wanted to be doctors so that they could help their country,” says Brooke. “It really made me think of my 8-year-old daughter at home, and about how to protect her.”

The trip also involves two days trekking and one day hiking, as well as other incredible and unforgettable experiences.

Brooke was kind enough to leave her top five tips for preparing for this trip!

  1. Preparation is key! Do some walking before you go, and bring well-worn hiking boots.
  2. Drink bottled water.
  3. Bring a walking pole!
  4. Pack light.
  5. Make sure you see a good GP before you go!

“Following these five tips, no one on my trip got sick,” Brooke says. “Which also meant we all had a good time, all the time!”

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