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Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF) aims to reduce the number of Australian women who miss out on their 2-yearly pap test. Register below to get your personal sms reminder in the month you nominate. If you would like to know more about the recommended changes to the national cervical screening program please click here.

gskThe 2014 digital media campaign was made possible from independent grants from GSK. Thanks to the generosity of GSK, ACCF has been able to promote the Get the Pap Text  to Australian women for 3 weeks during National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month (November 2014). The aim of the campaign is to educate women about the importance of Pap Tests as well as the availability of this free SMS reminder service.

Pap Tests save lives. Get yours today.

As noted in our media release, the government has brought forward recommendations in regards to the cervical cancer screening program in Australia. However, until the recommendations are approved and implemented, pap tests should be undertaken every two years unless otherwise advised by your doctor.

90% of women who die from cervical cancer have not had regular Pap tests.

You may already receive a letter from your GP or your State/Territory Cervical Screening Register reminding you that your Pap test is due. However, if you move location you may not get the reminder that could save your life.


If you can’t remember when you had your last Pap test, then please contact the National Cervical Screening Program in your State or Territory on 13 15 56 (for the cost of a local phone call).

This reminder is for women aged 18-69 whose last Pap test result was normal. If your doctor recommends you have a Pap test more often than every 2 years, then please follow your doctor’s advice rather than using this reminder service.

The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation is committed to eliminating cervical cancer in Australia and in developing countries. For as little as $15 you can contribute to our life-saving work. Find out how.

Getting a Pap Text is simple! Just complete the form below. Give us your email address to also receive an email confirmation and reminder.

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