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Thank you!

Thank you for signing up to Get the Text:

The first national SMS initiative to help women remember to have their Cervical Screening Test!

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Congratulations on prioritising your health and wellbeing! We urge you to ask your GP when you should have your next Cervical Screening Test and discuss the options available to you. If you would like more information about Cervical Screening Tests or wonder what to expect during a cervical screening, please click here.

Want to help other women?
If you want to help our “sisters” overseas who do not have access to cervical screening or the cervical cancer vaccine – then please feel free to donate and encourage your friends to do so on our donation page. The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation also works for cervical cancer awareness prevention and support in Australia. Cervical cancer is the leading cancer killer of women in developing countries. For as little as $15, ACCF can screen and treat a woman in a developing country such as Nepal or Vietnam who would otherwise not have access to treatment. If a woman in a developing country can be screened even just once between the ages of 30-40, her risk of dying from cervical cancer is reduced by 40%.

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Changing your details
If you would like to change your reminder date then just text your new date to 0418 416 850 “Name Year/Month” (e.g. Sarah 2014/08). If you provided an email address, the phone number above will be located within your confirmation email for ease of future reference.If you would like to stop receiving the SMS reminders, please reply “STOP” when you receive a reminder and we will remove you from the list. For further information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy.