Change for Change Appeal 2014

Change for Change Appeal 2014

The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation’s (ACCF’s) International Women’s Day Appeal asks you to donate just $5 in our Change for Change Appeal 2014, to enable a woman in a developing country like Nepal, to be screened for cervical cancer. Our campaign is live, so click here to help us achieve our goal!

Donate your spare change to change a woman’s life.


“My name is Usha and I am 31 years old and from a village named Imadol which is south of Kathmandu in the Himalayan country of Nepal. Today I was lucky enough to attend a Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening clinic hosted by the Nepal Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation. Even though I am 31, this is the first time I have ever been checked for these things and I am so grateful for the opportunity. Today the screening showed that my breast check-up was normal but the cervical cancer screening showed I may have abnormal cells that need further treatment. I will have further tests to confirm it. I now feel a little nervous waiting for the tests but I am also relieved that it was identified and hopefully it will be treated early and I will be ok. Opportunities like this are so important for the health of women in our country.”

Cervical cancer is the leading cancer killer of women in developing countries like Nepal- sometimes 3-4 times that of breast cancer. By screening a woman like Usha in a developing country, even just once between the ages of 30-40, can reduce her risk of dying from cervical cancer by up to 40%. Our Change for Change Appeal aims to do just this. Your $5 tax-deductible donation will give a woman peace of mind and help identify women who need further treatment. If cervical cancer is detected early enough through screening, then it is almost always highly treatable and not the death sentence that it could be without screening. Thank you for your generosity in this month that we celebrate women and all that they are.