Prevent cervical cancer with a couple of clicks

Prevent cervical cancer, in a couple of clicks

When Maere Tekanene was diagnosed with cervical cancer in her home country, Kiribati; treatment options were incredibly limited.

With support from ACCF, Maere travelled to Australia to receive life-saving treatment. Maere is now the Education Minister in Kiribati and is a strong advocate for gender equality. But what would have happened if her cancer had not been detected in time?

Imagine if you were to go for your regular screening in Australia, but were told you couldn’t receive treatment?

Or take a step further back and think about if you started to experience back and pelvic pain and intense fatigue, without knowing why, because you’ve never been able to access cervical screening?

In the countries where we work, like Kiribati, this is far too common, as cervical cancer is the number one cancer killer of women.

Unfortunately, without long-term sustainable funding; vaccination, screening and treatment programs like the one that saved Maere’s life cannot continue.

Through regular, sustainable gifts, ACCF is able to provide programs in developing countries like Kiribati so that women can access screening for cervical cancer and abnormalities.

A regular gift may sound daunting but every little bit counts. Just $20 a month will help keep screening clinics opened. Think of it as donating the money you’d spend on one extra coffee a week (especially with Australian prices!)

ACCF is a young company, meaning that we rely on donations from people like you to help us effectively sustain our core programs in countries like Kiribati.

Your gift in action

With the assurance of your regular gift, we can deliver our promises to women across the world, to vaccinate against and screen for cervical cancer.

Give a gift to women all over the world by signing up to make a regular gift. It’s as simple as a few clicks of your mouse.

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