How many sausage sizzles to get to Bhutan?

How many sausage sizzles to get to Bhutan?

In February 2014 Delia Beattie was diagnosed with cervical cancer. After going through treatment, including surgery, Delia and her friend Jenny decided to step out of their comfort zone and give back to a cause so close to their hearts.

The two friends registered the ACCF Bhutan Festival Trek after Delia was given the all clear in April 2015.

For Jenny and Delia, it wasn’t just about the challenge of a trek through the Himalaya’s, or experiencing the mystical sights of Bhutan, this trip was about the girls of Bhutan. It was about giving them access to a vaccine, that may one day, save their lives. And so, in between training for the ‘most challenging thing we have ever done’ Delia and Jenny set out to raise $3,000 to vaccinate 90 Bhutanese girls against cervical cancer.

“Delia and I made a promise to each other that we weren’t just going to raise the minimum amount but also raise as much awareness as possible. We don’t like to do things in halves so we set ourselves a mission and we got cracking, we were doing something nearly every weekend’ –Jenny Brown

We asked them to share their top fundraising activities that helped them smash their fundraising goals.

How many sausage sizzles to get to Bhutan?
For Jenny and Delia, it took 8 sausage sizzles to get to Bhutan. A sausage sizzle is a great way to raise a bulk amount of funds in one day; and with each one raising anDonations average of $500, this ‘sizzling’ team were well on their way to reaching their goal. Want to hold your own fundraising sausage sizzle? Get in touch with your local Bunnings or supermarket to see if they have a spot for you! But get in early as spots fill up quickly.

Get ready to party!
Birthdays are a great excuse to fundraise. Delia and Jenny didn’t have a birthday coming up before the trip so their mate ‘Jubs’ shared his birthday with them and raised a whopping $1,335 from a birthday fundraising lunch where they asked friends to purchase a ‘ticket’. Don’t want to hijack a friend’s birthday party? You could ask for donations to your fundraising page in lieu of a present. This tip works for any occasion, but just don’t be afraid to ask!

Crossfit WangarattaKeep your fundraising fit
After all those sausages and sneaky chocolate drives Delia and Jenny organised a Crossfit Challenge fundraiser to ensure their fundraising ‘maintained a healthy balance’ (what we’re all looking for in life right?). While Delia and Jenny got their local CrossFit box behind them, there are lots of ways to keep your fundraising fit. Run a sweepstake in your office, take your mates on a guided hike (and ask for a donation in return) or put a spin on the traditional chocolate drive by fundraising with health snacks.

After all that (and so much more) Delia and Jenny not only reached their goal of 90 girls vaccinated, they returned from Bhutan having raised $9,055. Delia and Jenny ensured each of their supporters were thanked and passed on how grateful the Bhutanese girls they met were for the support of each and every one of them. Because thanks to Delia and Jenny’s supporters, 270 Bhutanese girls are now protected against 90% of cervical cancer caused by HPV.

“I can personally say I had no idea how much greatness would actually come from participating in this trek. I’m 35 so I wasn’t able to have the vaccination but we need to make sure that as many people who can be vaccinated do get vaccinated so that together, we can stop this disease” – Delia, Bhutan Trekker 2015.