Share your story & save a life

Share your story & save a life

“Where am I in my life right now? Still healing & waiting. Waiting for a scan that will determine the current status of my cancer, and what is planned for my future. The emotional struggles I have faced cannot be described. The mental battles have been extreme, but I chose to live with happiness & positivity. This is my life, and I will not live it in fear. I now want to help others, I don’t want to see anyone suffer from this cancer.” – Riarna, 27. Read her story.

Did you know that in 2015 nearly 130,000 women are expected to be diagnosed with cervical cancer and abnormalities (AIHW, 2014)? That’s a lot of women going through the same emotional struggles Riarna faced, and families watching this disease taking a toll on their loved ones. For many, a diagnosis with cervical cancer or abnormalities can be a scary and isolating time.

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“Just because you smile doesn’t mean you’re okay and behind closed doors is where it’s the hardest. I wish we’d reached out to the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation earlier, and connected with other families that were going through what we were going through. It would’ve been nice to have someone there for us, someone who understood.” – Kev, 47. Read his story.

The Faces of Cervical Cancer is an online platform for you to share your experience with cervical cancer or cervical abnormalities, and read the stories of other women, husbands, friends and children who have been affected by this disease. If you are facing cervical cancer or cervical abnormalities right now, know that you are not alone, and there are many other women and families going through this difficult time that want to share their struggles with someone.

“As uncomfortable it is to talk about, it does make a difference. If it hadn’t been for the work of the ACCF I probably wouldn’t have had my Pap test until much later, and by then it could have been a much bigger problem requiring more invasive treatment.”Brianna, 29. Read her story.

By sharing stories and making cervical screening a priority for all women, together we can eliminate cervical cancer. Visit the Faces of Cervical Cancer to read stories from women, family members, and friends who have been affected by cervical cancer and abnormalities, or share your own and be part of the conversation about cervical health. Talking about it can make all the difference, and potentially save a woman’s life.

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