Positions Vacant

Positions Vacant

Volunteer Positions Available

When it comes to volunteers, the more the merrier! We are always looking for awareness presenters across Australia, and from time to time are looking for positions in our head office in areas such as Marketing and Communications, Human Resources, and Administration-so why not volunteer with ACCF? Tell me more…

You are probably wondering what’s in it for me? Besides from the obvious - making a difference to a growing organisation, with your even bigger ideas, along with your even bigger passion for peoples’ wellbeing.

Well, without giving too much away, we can offer all volunteers:

  • A supportive and respectful workplace;
  • A collaborative and all-inclusive environment;
  • Constant learning and development in whatever aspect of the organisation you are involved in;
  • A chance to enhance your skills and build upon your existing knowledge;
  • A chance to build your confidence and improve your presentation skills;
  • A reference at the end of your service that can help you with the next big thing you want to make your mark on.

Below are some of our current vacancies but we're always on the lookout for people to add to the ACCF team. Contact us anytime.

Available positions:

Volunteer Administration and Reception Support Officer (Brisbane Head Office)
Email info@accf.org.au for a ‘how to apply’ package.