Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

At the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation, we like to dream big. And our vision is fixed on one clear goal – to eliminate cervical cancer.

Through our programs in Australia and the developing world, we’re helping women and girls access the protection they need to avoid this deadly disease, while enabling treatment for those already affected and facing related health issues.

vision and mission

We know that no woman faces cervical cancer alone – their families and communities are also affected. And our vision encompasses them all. So along with minimising the incidence and burden of cervical cancer and related women’s health issues, we also:

  • Develop and implement practical, appropriate programs designed to provide awareness, encourage change and produce results
  • Partner with like-minded governments, organisations and individuals to achieve health outcomes which reduce marginalisation and contribute to the development of stronger communities
  • Empower women and their communities to work together to improve women’s health and wellbeing and reduce poverty and disadvantage

As such, we’re focused on contributing to sustainable development and along with our program partners, have a zero tolerance policy to fraud and corruption, along with family and sexual violence, particularly against women.