Casie’s Story

I was afraid of getting my Pap smear as my mum had CIN3 pre-cancer and half a hysterectomy. I didn’t know too much about it. At 22 I decided to get a Pap smear. I was told that my results showed abornomal cells changing and I would have to wait a year. At 23 years of age after my second Pap smear, I was referred to a gynaecologist for a colposcopy and a biopsy performed to rule out cervical cancer. I was informed by my gynaecologist that she thought through the colposcopy she got most of it already. About a 3-4 month wait and I had a cone biopsy procedure. I was told that a golf ball sized lesion was removed. I went to my check up and everything was fine. My gynaecologist informed me it was like I hadn’t had any procedure done on my cervix.

Another year later and I find out that I had abnormal cells again and I was at medium risk of developing cervical cancer. Now I am currently waiting hoping my body can fight it off. During this experience I was terrified as I hadn’t had children and wanted children and I also thought this would never happen to me as I had the vaccination. I learnt a lot from my experience and ongoing experience unlike last time I have a more positive outlook.

2020 update:

Casie’s last check-up showed no HPV present but CIN2. Her next check-up would not be due until January 2021 – as her baby is due! Congratulations Casie!

My tips for Australian women about cervical health

Go get regular Cervical Screening Tests. If there are any vaginal health changes that you may be worried about, go to the doctor and don’t put it off. You maybe uncomfortable for a couple of minutes just getting a check but at least you’ll have peace of mind.