Financial support

Orange Hearts Bursary Program

$500 available for kids affected by cervical cancer.

Since 2021, Orange Hearts Bursaries have helped children all over Australia to continue participating in their sporting, creative arts, social and academic commitments. With their bursaries of up to $500, recipients were able to continue activities including photography, go-kart racing, horse riding, swimming lessons, basketball and soccer.

These activities can give children joy, escape and hope while also a sense of stability and focus during what can be a stressful time.

How to apply

Applications for the 2023 bursaries have now closed.

If your family or a family you know would be interested and benefit from our bursaries, we would love you to apply. More information can be found in the Orange Hearts guidelines.

Any queries or questions regarding the Orange Hearts Bursary Program please contact or 1300 727 630.

Meet our recipients


Dannii, a cervical cancer survivor is the proud mum of her two daughters who were bursary recipients in 2022. She reflected that:

“Not only is cancer tough to physically and mentally fight, but it’s also hard financially whilst you’re fighting it and beyond. I still have check-ups and medication that cost money, so having my girls be able to receive the Orange Heart Bursaries was an amazing help! The money from the bursary paid for Ilara’s netball season & Ariana’s gymnastics lessons.”
- Dannii

Families like Dannii’s are why ACCF introduced the Orange Hearts Program in 2021. In her words:

“How amazing is this. What a great way to give back to the little people in our lives, who are our biggest supporters and our strength to get through tough times like fighting cancer.”
- Dannii
Kate (2023 recipient)
“It cannot be expressed in words how grateful we are to receive an Orange Hearts Bursary. The financial costs that we have had to endure has definitely impacted us as a family and has had an impact on our children. The bursary will give our children new opportunities and help fund activities they love to do.”
- Kate
Keeley (2023 recipient)
“I feel very privileged and grateful to be chosen for this bursary to help me continue with my dancing”
- Keeley
Golsby-Smith family (2023 recipients)
“Receiving the Orange Hearts Bursaries will help our family incredibly. My cancer diagnosis in October 2022 was such a shock for our family and I started treatment the week of Christmas. The children didn't get to have much of a Christmas or summer holiday because I was so unwell, and we had gone down to one income. This money will allow us to give the children things which will help support their mental health during this difficult time. We cannot thank you enough.”
- Amelia Golsby-Smith


When are Orange Hearts bursaries awarded?

Orange Hearts Bursary applications open in February each year. Applications close in March and bursaries are awarded in April.

How do you apply for an Orange Hearts Bursary?

All applications are made online via the ACCF website (applications open in February 2024). 

How do you qualify to apply for an Orange Hearts Bursary?

Applicants must satisfy all the following criteria:

  • be aged up to 18 years old
  • have a close family member diagnosed with cervical cancer
  • be an Australian citizen or currently live in Australia
  • have not received an Orange Hearts bursary in the previous year.

For more information, see a previous example of the Orange Hearts 2023 Guidelines

Note: the 2024 guidelines may change and will be available in February 2024.

What can bursary funding be used for?

Bursaries can be used to pay costs involved with an activity the applicant enjoys. This includes school, recreational, creative arts, social or sporting activities.

What type of activities have previous bursaries paid for?

Swimming, artistic swimming, basketball, AFL, netball, soccer, dance, Taekwondo, go kart racing, photography, horse riding and school resources, activities and camps.

What information is required in the application?

Information required includes:

  • personal details
  • evidence of a cervical cancer diagnosis
  • information to validate participation in the nominated activity
  • practicality of the use of funds
  • permission to use images and stories about the use of bursary funds.
How are the Orange Hearts bursary recipients chosen?

The Orange Hearts Selection Committee has the honour of choosing the bursary recipients. They carefully assess the submissions making sure the applications:

  • Include all the required information
  • demonstrate the impact of a cervical cancer diagnosis
  • demonstrate the need for funding
  • alignment with the ACCF mission.
How much is a bursary worth?

Bursary amounts can range up to a maximum of $500.

How will the bursaries be paid?

Once you have been identified as a bursary recipient, ACCF will contact you to organise payment.