Jess’s Story

A few weeks ago and a week after my 21st birthday I went to the doctor for a regular Pap smear check up, I got a call a few days later asking if I could go in to discuss my test results. The doctor explained that I had CIN1, “just some abnormal cells that would most likely revert back to being normal. Come back in a years time for another Pap smear to see how it looks”. Naturally I was shocked to hear ‘pre cancerous cells’ but not too worried because he didn’t seem worried.

That afternoon I had an appointment with a Gynaecologist because for the past two years I have had trouble with lots of spotting between periods and pelvic pain. My regular doctor had me on the Implanon (contraceptive), Implanon as well as the pill, just the pill and more recently she wanted to put me on a stronger pill to stop the bleeding. I had a feeling something wasn’t right, I didn’t want to put more hormones into my body so I insisted she give me a referral to see a Gynaecologist (despite her unwillingness to give me one). I told my Gynaecologist of my results that morning and discussed all my difficulties. He did another Pap smear and took a biopsy to send off for another check. He told me to stop taking the pill for a month to let my body be its natural self and gave me a prescription for a much lower dose of pill when needed.

I received a call a week later saying that I actually have CIN2 and to please come in for another biopsy in 6 months time. After hearing that I broke down because it went from something that didn’t seem too scary to being very real and terrifying. I have since calmed down a lot and try not to worry too much. I’m just very glad I decided to see a specialist to find it early.

I now want to spread the word to family and friends to make sure they get checked regularly so no one gets caught out too late. A couple of seconds of uncomfortable feelings is better than the alternative and dealing with the big C.

My tips for Australian women about cervical health

Get regular tests, if a doctor tells you one thing and your gut is telling you something else go with your gut and get a second opinion! You know your body better than anyone!