Karen’s Story

When I was 32 I became pregnant with my first child. My doctor asked me when my last Pap smear was, and I admitted it was over 6 years ago. She performed a Pap and the results came back CIN 3 high grade abnormalities. They monitored me throughout my pregnancy and in February 2016 my beautiful daughter was born. Four months later I had a LLETZ surgery to remove the CIN 3 cells. Unfortunately during the surgery they found cancer, and I was staged 1b1. I had no signs or symptoms of cancer before being diagnosed. When my daughter was 6 months old I underwent a radical hysterectomy followed up with radiation therapy for unclear margins. I will never be able to have any more children, but I am grateful that I am here for my beautiful baby daughter who turns 1 year old next month.

My tips for Australian women about cervical health

Don’t think you are invincible, get your Pap smear!