Kristeena’s Story

I was 35, happily married with 3 kids aged 15, 9 & 7. I hadn’t had a Pap smear since my last baby. It’s something I knew I should do but like all mums, we always put everyone else first and I kept putting it off. Years passed and I finally went to see my GP after suffering years of painful, heavy periods. My GP was concerned, and mentioned fibroids but will wait for results. A couple of days later I had a call and my GP said I had high grade CIN3 and needed to see a specialist at the hospital.

After more testing and a cone biopsy, I was told I had some large fibroids and the dreaded cervical cancer. I felt numb, I literally didn’t feel anything. On the upside they were quite certain they had got it all in the biopsy, but wanted to do a hysterectomy to reduce the chances of it returning. The next time I saw the surgeon all ready to have my hysterectomy the following day, he found a lump inside my cervix and decided to do a biopsy first. Then I got the dreaded call, I’m sorry it’s more cancer. Within a week I had had a radical hysterectomy, and was very lucky they removed the cancer and I had no other treatment. I then had to see the oncologist every 3 months, then 6 monthly and now 12 monthly. I’m 2.5 years cancer free…and still cant believe that it happened to me. I feel lucky and blessed and tell everyone to keep up with your Pap smears…my story could have been so different. Don’t wait, if your due or over due…just do it!

My tips for Australian women about cervical health

Keep up with your Pap smears, and done be afraid to talk to your GP..or your girlfriends!