Krystyna’s Story

Hi my name is Krys, I’m now 43 but when I was 41 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer via a regular Pap test. I had them done regularly, I’ve never been sick or had a broken bone in my body. No family history. I wasn’t even in a high risk category. I had not had biological children, exercised most days in some form whether it be gym or walking. I didn’t smoke. I had been on the pill since I was 16 and used tampons since then too. I was highly stressed just before my diagnosis due to a relationship break up.

After I had my regular Pap test I went back due to an abnormality. I was then was referred to a gynaecologist where she did more tests and even though she assured me I should be fine due to all of the above.

I wasn’t. I had early stages of cervical cancer. I never really took a lot of notice of the symptoms until I read up after my gynaecologist visit. I then had a realisation that yes I think I’m going to have it as I was getting sick all the time and couldn’t shake things off but felt fine otherwise.

I was referred to a Gynaecological Oncologist and luckily for me one the best in Melbourne/Vic and he confirmed I did have it and due to my age best to have a radical robot hysterectomy. So after more CT scans and other tests, I was booked in for the operation. Luckily for me I recovered well and two years later I am still cancer free. I tell all my female friends, colleagues, anyone who will listen – forget the embarrassment, go get your Pap test it could save your life.

Thanks Krys Burcon.

My tips for Australian women about cervical health

Go get regular Pap tests no matter what; it could save your life. It certainly did mine thankfully.