Patty’s Story

Hi everyone,

I am 29 years of age, no children and I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer and given 2 options of treatment for my surgery booked 8/1/19 (already had 2 surgeries with the latest being a cone biopsy).

I haven’t had a chance to clarify with my specialist the implications of the radical Trachelectomy for me in terms of % chances of complications and if these would be ireversible.

Both procedures involve the removal of lymphnodes to see if I need further treatment. My doctor has been absolutely amazing and the lack of clarification is because I was biased towards the radical hysterectomy. I feel like I’ve been pushed towards that by family, doctors and friends but no one quite grasps the implications of never being able to give birth. I have a strong feeling I’ll end up having no kids if I go down that path and also a strong feeling I’d have a healthy baby if I have the trachelectomy done. Anyway it is the hardest decision I’ve ever come across and I’m so confused because I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to move on from that implication of not having my own baby with a normal pregnancy.

What are people’s opinion/outcomes on the 2 options?

Thank you so very much

Much love Patty

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