Stephanie’s Story


After experiencing spotting between cycles, I booked in for an appointment with my Gynaecologist. I already had a Cervical Screening Test 5 months prior (which came back all good), so cervical cancer wasn’t even on my radar as a cause for my symptoms.

Upon examination, my doctor sat me down and said I had ‘an extensive amount of abnormal/precancerous cells all across my cervix and an ectropion that also had suspicious cells.’ I was booked in for emergency surgery immediately and was having surgery less than a week later. Because it was so extensive and I was very sensitive in that area, I had to go in under general anesthetic and had a D&C and LLETZ procedures performed.

I experienced bleeding for 10 weeks after my procedures. This occurred during the height of our corona virus lock-downs and very difficult as I have no support network as my family lives in a different state.

I’m so glad I took the initiative to go to a specialist for what seemed such a ‘minor’ symptom. I’ve always been on-top of my screenings so I was very surprised that in 5 months this developed so aggressively (which is not very common).

My tips for Australian women about cervical health

If you are concerned about anything, even minor symptoms or if you just feel ‘off’ just go speak to your Doctor.