Sue’s Story

The first time I heard about HPV would have been in the 1980’s at an appointment that I had with my gynaecologist. I think I was quite lucky that this man was my doctor – he was doing some research about the possible connection between HPV and cervical cancer, which at that time had not been proven. I understand that he also worked with Professor Ian Frazer, who ultimately went on to develop the vaccine to protect people against HPV. The treatment my doctor instituted 30 years ago to deal with the abnormal cells in my cervix was similar to that which is normal practice these days, but unusual in those days.

When I retired about 3 years ago, I heard about ACCF through a friend. With a teaching background and my history from that long ago time, I was keen to become involved in the Awareness Raising Program in high schools. I was very encouraged with the progress that has been made in the 30 years since my experience and so pleased that young people in Australia and other countries are able to be vaccinated to protect them against HPV and cervical cancer.

My tips for Australian women about cervical health