Abby L’s Story

In October 2019 after a routine screening I received a phone call from my GP that changed my life…forever. My results showed that I tested positive to HPV 16 and I was referred to a specialist gynaecologist for a colposcopy. It was an anxious wait until my appointment – so many thoughts and worst case […]

Keryn S’s Story

My life turned upside down when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in November 1998. I could not believe what my doctor was telling me as I had always had regular pap smears. I was 35 years old with two children aged 6 & 8. I have a very close family and the hardest thing […]

Kirsten’s Story

My 24 Month Roller Coaster Ride To my family, friends, and anyone else reading this… I am sharing my story openly and honestly with the intention of spreading awareness through my new Facebook page ‘Doinitfor’. I hope that by doing this I can somehow make a difference. This is something I’ve become very passionate about […]

Sharon’s Story

After the birth of my son in 1992, I had a Pap test. The results showed abnormalities so I was referred to the Colposcopy clinic at the Royal Hobart Hospital. Following the colposcopy I was told I now required a cone biopsy. Looking back I wonder why I didn’t ask more questions and why I […]

Lynnda’s Story

Cervical Cancer. I’ve never known anyone who has gone through cancer, but now here I am facing it myself. I was prompted to have my Pap test after getting the reminder notice for my breast screen. Knowing I had had abnormal results from my last Pap test (although my Dr confirmed at one appointment that […]

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