Australian programs for awareness, education and support

The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation is completely dependent on the generosity and support from donors just like you.

We’re committed to our big mission of eradicating the preventable disease of cervical cancer. To do this, we run multiple initiatives including:


  • Educational programs
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Fundraising initiatives
  • Resources, support and information for people affected by cervical cancer
  • International outreach and vaccination programs for developing countries


To do this we need your help. Every dollar makes a world of difference.

Donate $14 and save a life

Did you know that for just $14 we can administer the full HPV vaccine to a girl in a developing country? Once administered, the risk of cervical cancer will reduce by up to 80%.


For just $14 you could potentially save a life!

Give now

The ACCF is a registered not-for-profit and accredited charitable organisation. This means that any donation you make above $2.00 to our foundation is tax deductible.

Join the Orange Army

Would you like to make a real difference? Join the Orange Army by becoming a regular donor. You can donate as much as you’d like, as often as you’d like. It all helps.


Even small consistent donations go a long way to enabling us to achieve our goals as an organisation and help women and people with cervixes around the world.

Help us fundraise

If you’re interested in giving of your time as well as your money, we’d love the help! There are many ways you can volunteer and get involved including by becoming an ACCF fundraiser. Whether as an individual, group or organisation, you can get as involved as you’d like.

Discover workplace giving

If you’re the head of an organisation, check out our workplace giving program. It’s an excellent opportunity to encourage your team to give to a worthy cause.

The workplace giving program allows employees to make a pre-tax contribution to the ACCF from their income automatically. It’s easy to set up and the simplest way to make regular donations without having to lift a finger.

There’s no better way to show your team and customers how importantly you take your corporate social responsibility seriously.

Donation options

We’re committed to making the act of donating as easy as possible. We provide multiple options to suit your preference.

Want to donate by  cash, cheque or direct deposit? You can! Contact us if you need assistance.