Brooke F’s Story

October 1st 2020, my world changed for the better. My first child was born, a healthy baby girl and I was finally a mum! The same day, my midwife observed what she thought was a polyp on my cervix.

At my 6 week health check, I discussed this with my GP. It was still there so we did a Cervical Screening Test. As a healthy 29 year old, I didn’t really think anything of it. I was overdue by 12 months for a routine Cervical Screening Test and had never had an abnormal one. This is why it didn’t cross my mind to get it done sooner.

2 weeks later I get the call. They found cancer cells. I was referred to a Gynaecologist who without seeing me referred me straight to a Gynaecological Oncologist. Well shit! It’s serious. Biopsy, MRI and a CT scan plus a lot more appointments were made.

December 22nd 2020 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. It completely broke me. I was a first time mum and only 29! I didn’t feel sick or unwell. In fact, I felt the best I had ever felt!

January 18th 2021, 5 days before my 30th birthday, I had surgery to remove the cancer. They did a cone biopsy and removed some lymph nodes from my stomach. My recovery was extremely tough, not only was I was trying to navigate my way through motherhood both physically and mentally I now had this hurdle too.

The lymph nodes from my stomach came back clear but I needed to go back in for another much less invasive procedure as the margins from my cervix weren’t clear by 1mm. 1mm and I needed another surgery. Annoying but necessary. I wanted more kids and I was lucky enough that my Dr was going to do everything in his power to make that happen!

I am now cancer free. I am one of the lucky ones! It was caught early! I look at my daughter and think what if that midwife didn’t say anything? What if it wasn’t caught as early as it was? Lots of what if’s.

In the space of 6 months, I was a new mum and embracing motherhood, had been diagnosed with cancer, had surgery and dealt with a difficult recovery. It has been tough on my mental health and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it all if I’m honest.

If I have any advice it would be to stop putting off your Cervical Screening Tests! It takes 2 minutes and it’s over! It could seriously save your life.

Your health IS important!

Please, don’t fear the smear ?

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Trust your intuition and don’t miss your Cervical Screening Test!