Courtney’s Story

At the start of Christmas 2019 I noticed myself getting pretty fatigued, though I assumed it was because of my stressful 12-hour days working as a dental nurse.

I went to the doctors for a check up and had a Cervical Screening Test, and that’s when I received the news that I was positive for HPV. I was referred to a gynaecologist and that’s when it started really going downhill.

COVID-19 restrictions came into effect and I was placed on hold for getting any type of treatment. I was getting more and more exhausted, sore, stressed, and anxiety was kicking in.

After a few months of this I finally got the treatment I needed. In the end I was diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer and underwent radiation and surgery to remove it.

It has been very tough thinking about the possibility of potentially not being able to have children in the future. However I’m only 29, and I’m grateful to have a lot more time now to experience life.

My tips for Australian women about cervical health

Listen to your body, sometimes a symptom means something.