Brooke F’s Story

October 1st 2020, my world changed for the better. My first child was born, a healthy baby girl and I was finally a mum! The same day, my midwife observed what she thought was a polyp on my cervix. At my 6 week health check, I discussed this with my GP. It was still there […]

Belle S’s Story

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer on 14 September 2017, but it was a month prior that my symptoms started. I began having strange abnormal bleeding between my period that month. The spotting continued throughout the month; it was a first for me as normally my periods are to the book, never an issue and […]

Jessica L’s Story

February 2017 I went for my Pap smear (which I have been getting routinely once every two years since I was 18). Results came back as abnormal and to come back in 12 months instead of 2 years for another. February 2018- went back for the follow up Pap smear as recommended. I got a […]

Laura’s Story

A PAP SMEAR SAVED MY LIFE! In 2014, my doctor told me I had an adeno (glandular) cervical carcinoma. This is in the less common 20% of cervical cancers. I had been unwell for approximately 6 years with nearly all of the symptoms of cervical cancer but because my Pap smears came back normal, doctors […]

Jess’s Story

A few weeks ago and a week after my 21st birthday I went to the doctor for a regular Pap smear check up, I got a call a few days later asking if I could go in to discuss my test results. The doctor explained that I had CIN1, “just some abnormal cells that would […]

Mandi’s Story

I was 34, single, studying again, and about to embark on my own brand new business when I was diagnosed with CIN3 cancer of the cervix. Treatment for me was a radical hysterectomy. Initially you’re along for the ride, watching almost from the outside as your life unfolds before you. Tests and treatments, other people’s […]

Cassandra’s Story

At age 17 I was told I had high grade cervical abnormalities during my first Pap test. I had no idea what a pap smear or a cervix was. I disregarded the results and continued on with my life. I did not have health insurance, so it was another 4 years before I would have […]

Maxine’s Story

Nearly two years ago on the 20th of November 2013 (my sister’s birthday) I was told that I have cervical cancer. Being a woman in the menopause age bracket (lucky me) I put off going to the doctor with symptoms of bleeding after sex, horrendously heavy periods, spotting continuously for months, back pain and leg […]

Riarna’s Story

I am 27. I am a wife, and a mother of a two year old, and am currently battling stage 3 cervical cancer. This is my story in brief. In the early months of 2015, I stopped taking the pill after almost 10 years. Soon after, I started bleeding abnormally and experiencing lower back & […]