Ennalies’s Story

I’m a 41 year old woman who had some unusual discharge (my only symptom) at the end of 2019. I had blood tests, ultrasounds and cervical screenings to confirm what was going on. The tests all came back indicative of cancer. I was then asked to do a colposcopy which I did at the end […]

Emma J’s Story

The day before my wedding I received a call from the hospital with my surgery date to remove precancerous cells. When the day rolled around I was nervous as hell, but I was so glad I was getting it done so that I could concentrate on planning for my honeymoon which was just six weeks […]

Daniella D’s Story

2018 was going to be my year. It started with a family holiday on a cruise line & we were going to start trying for our third. It seemed like perfect timing when I received my Pap smear reminder. Of course I hated the thought of going to have it done, but I thought ‘Great, […]

Catherine H’s Story

I had my son in 2012 and towards the end of the pregnancy I was getting ulcers in my mouth and inside my vagina. I was 38 and the doctor was concerned so they did a pap smear immediately after my son had been born which came back negative. About 4 years after having my […]

Amanda M’s Story

On what was spose to be one of the happiest days in our lives quickly turned into the worst. When I went in to have my third baby in January 2018 I was nervous, anxious, excited! Through complications during my pregnancy, they were going to induce me, argh that’s never happened I didn’t know what […]

Melissa H’s Story

I had just turned 30, was blessed with two kids, had split from my children’s Dad, working hard and had just came home from a relaxing holiday. I went to the doctor for a health check and was asked if I wanted to have a swab done. I have had no abnormal paps before, no […]

Claire’s Story

This is my story so far. I have been pretty darn close to getting my Pap tests done every 2 years, save for a month or two. This year in June, I really thought nothing of getting my regular testing done and went to visit my GP. A week later I was asked to come […]

Jodhi’s Story

Our second baby, a much-wanted son to follow on from our beautiful daughter, was born at the end of April 2017. This was a very stressful time following an emergency caesarean and managing related complications. Eight weeks after his birth, I was diagnosed with a DVT. It was around the same time I had my […]

Jessica’s Story

It all started with some light spot bleeding after intercourse. This happened for about 8 months and my mum and partner kept telling me to go see a doctor but I always had some excuse as to why I couldn’t go. I think deep down I had a feeling. Fast forward a few months and […]

Olivia’s Story

I had all the Gardasil vaccinations when I was in my early 20’s and with my second partner (now ex-partner). My first abnormal Pap result came after I had given birth to my second baby in 2008, this cleared away on its own. In May 2016, at the age of 28, I went for my […]

Krystyna’s Story

Hi my name is Krys, I’m now 43 but when I was 41 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer via a regular Pap test. I had them done regularly, I’ve never been sick or had a broken bone in my body. No family history. I wasn’t even in a high risk category. I had not […]

Keren’s Story

Where to start with my story. It still seems like yesterday, but almost 2 years ago now a routine Pap test (right on the 2 year mark) came back abnormal. I received a call from my GP’s clinic advising that I needed to book an appointment with their referred gynaecologist as my results were abnormal […]

Ali’s Story

Hi there, My name is Ali. I guess I’m writing this because I often see stories from survivors who are married or have children and when I found out I had cancer I was in my mid thirties and single. I think it’s important for other women to hear that and know it can still […]

Donna’s Story

In 1990, at the age of 25 I had been a poor, itinerant, immune deficient autistic person surviving off the streets through living with men who would have me for 10 years. A free Pap test found stage 3 CIN… cervical dysplasia at the final stage before becoming invasive. I had immediate hospital treatment within […]

Tracey’s Story

My cervical cancer journey has been, and still is, a difficult journey. Although I have been declared cancer free, the effects on your health, both physical and mental still linger on. I made this video to share my story in the hopes that it may help others.    

Ashley’s Story

I was 21 years old when I had my first abnormal Pap test. I was told I had ‘CIN2’ – a moderate grade cell abnormality which required treatment. Naturally I turned to ‘Doctor Google’ and became quietly terrified as the word ‘cancer’ was E V E R Y W H E R E. I was […]

Shey’s Story

My name is Shey and this year I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I’m telling my story not just for myself, but for others out there that have also been diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer. I had no symptoms, and I attribute having a Pap test every 12 months rather than every 2 years […]

Sarah Maree’s Story

Cervical cancer is something you hear about but hope you never have to deal with. I was very lucky to grow up with a Mum, Zara, who always educated my Sisters and I about our bodies and encouraged us to get regular Pap Tests, now called a Cervical Screening Test. In 2002 my Sister Jeanette […]

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