Courtney’s Story

At the start of Christmas 2019 I noticed myself getting pretty fatigued, though I assumed it was because of my stressful 12-hour days working as a dental nurse. I went to the doctors for a check up and had a Cervical Screening Test, and that’s when I received the news that I was positive for […]

Bridget’s Story

At the end of the year 2019, everything changed. I had my annual skin check with my doctor and they advised that I may have a thyroid issue. I had bloods taken and when I went back to the GP these results were clear. While I was there, I was reminded that I was overdue […]

Tina’s Story

I was a normal 21 year old, living my best life. However, quite quickly after experiencing some unusual ‘symptoms’ I found myself facing a diagnosis of Advanced Stage III HPV proceeding to cervical cancer. I was referred immediately to a gynaecological oncologist who did some further tests and recommended urgent surgery. I advised I wasn’t […]

Stephanie’s Story

  After experiencing spotting between cycles, I booked in for an appointment with my Gynaecologist. I already had a Cervical Screening Test 5 months prior (which came back all good), so cervical cancer wasn’t even on my radar as a cause for my symptoms. Upon examination, my doctor sat me down and said I had […]

Kate S’s Story

I feel a bit silly writing ‘my story’ because I’m still smack bang in the middle of living it. My wife and I met while we were training to become police officers in 2011. We got married in February 2018 and we were one of the first gay couples in NSW to get married under […]

Casie’s Story

I was afraid of getting my Pap smear as my mum had CIN3 pre-cancer and half a hysterectomy. I didn’t know too much about it. At 22 I decided to get a Pap smear. I was told that my results showed abornomal cells changing and I would have to wait a year. At 23 years […]

Sam’s Story

Kylie Duncan was my best friend, on March 31st 2017 I got a phone call at work, she was crying hysterically and through the tears I managed to get out of her that the Gynecologist thought she had Cervical Cancer. I live six hours away, and had travelled for work that day, so was a […]

Nicole’s Story

I was fully vaccinated against HPV & was up to date with my cervical screening. However I was diagnosed in 2014 with stage 2b cervical cancer. Just like my mum, I had always experienced blood clots & heavy periods. One day I woke up to something on my sanitary pad that looked like a sac. […]

Patty’s Story

Hi everyone, I am 29 years of age, no children and I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer and given 2 options of treatment for my surgery booked 8/1/19 (already had 2 surgeries with the latest being a cone biopsy). I haven’t had a chance to clarify with my specialist the implications of the radical […]

Heather’s Story

When my son was almost 2 we decided we wanted to try for another baby. I booked in for my pap smear and was 8 months or so late. The Dr could see something was wrong straight away and a week later I was seeing my ObGyn for a biopsy. All of a sudden what […]

Jacinda’s Story

It was early March and at the age of 30, 6 weeks after having my 2nd baby, I had my 6 week checkup. I never thought that having a Pap smear would be any different to all the other times I had. However this time it was because the Dr rang me a week later […]

Amanda’s Story

I want to share my story to share the importance of having regular Pap tests, regardless of whether you have had the HPV vaccine. This is what can happen if you delay your pap smear. In 2008 I had a Pap test that came back completely normal. I went on to have my second son […]

Amy’s Story

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in October 2013 at the age of 24. I had always had my regular Paps from the age of 17 and they were always normal. I fell pregnant with my daughter around January 2012. During the pregnancy I was so unwell and tired, I looked like I felt like shit! […]

Kellie’s Story

My name is Kellie, I am a 29 year old wife and mother and I have just had a full hysterectomy. This is my story… In late February 2015, the day before I was due to be a bridesmaid, I woke up suffering from horrendous stomach cramping and bleeding. I knew something wasn’t right. I […]

Keira’s Story

In 2008, 6 weeks after the birth of my first child, I had my first ever Pap test. I was 17 at the time and a new mum. My results came back as possible low grade abnormalities. Unsure of what this meant I rang the nurse who performed my Pap test and was told this […]

Brooke G’s Story

I had my first Pap test about a week ago and I got a call from the medical centre asking me to come in as the doctor wants to see me. Today I went in and got my results; a possible high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion. I was in shock I couldn’t stop the tears. I […]

Brianna’s Story

This is me just over a year ago – preparing to go into surgery for what was a relatively minor procedure to prevent cervical cancer, after my Pap test showed ‘high grade abnormalities’. I was actually prompted to get screened after reading an article by ACCF Ambassador Sarah Maree, about how a Pap test saved […]

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